Unless you speak French, you wouldn't know what that means, unless you can guess. In case you don't know, the title means 'Person Number One' because I'm writing about a random person I met today.

So, this little form I'll be using!

Name: What I think their name is
Appearance: what they were wearing (or at least what I remember)
Occupation: what I think they do for a living

Name: Juliette Andromeda Marcello
Appearance: chocolate-colored skin, dark hair tied in a slightly messy ponytail - I think it was a lime green ponytail holder. she had a hot pink head band on, and diamond earrings - they might have been cubic zarconium (fake diamonds) though. she was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with Maryland on it (or at least I think she was) and jeggings. She wore pink-and-black zebra socks and moccasins.
Occupation: student