S’mores on a Pole

Today a challenge was bestowed upon us so that we may have experience in the culinary world; we were asked to create a concoction that reflects the spirit of American freedom and the need for individuality. And so, we took a classic American dessert, the s’more and put it on a pole. First, our lovely instructor;

If this tutorial does not satisfy your need for s’mores on a pole, then you can blame her. Now, the s’mores on a POLE!!

Now, in order to create s’mores on a pole, a sort of culinary finesse is needed, along with these ingredients, so therefore, you will need;

-          Graham crackers (made by Alexander GRAHAM Bell)

-          Marshamallows (straight from the marshes of home…)

-          A single bag (no boyfriend, girlfriend, married partner or otherwise)

-          CHOCOLATE!! (sorry, Taylor made me put it in CAPS. :P)

-          Poles (about the size of lollipop sticks – DO NOT USE A FLAGPOLE!!)

-          Wax paper (the wax should not be from your ears.)

Our display of these crucial materials is below;

Now first, you must stab violently the marshmallows with your poles, as displayed below.

The next step in making this masterpiece is crushing the graham crackers (see above list for specifications)

Now the purpose of these graham crackers is one that may alter the fate of the world. In order to have this life changing event happen to these crushed gluten-inclusive cinnamon slathered crackers, you must melt the chocolate; it is best if you use chocolate designed for that purpose, and if so, read any instructions included. However, if you’re just melting a Hershey bar, then be very careful or the chocolate will burn or burn you. So, stir it carefully, as shown beneath this block of text.

This picture displays the consistency of the chocolate after it has been thoroughly melted. Then, you must take your delicately stabbed marshmallows, and dip them in this cocoa, milk and sugar concoction, aka chocolate. Thanks to the instructor (her picture is seen above) and her total act of being an imbecile, as well as her incapability to do anything right, lost this vital picture. However, after this you must take the graham crackers (which have been crushed to a fine powder, as seen above) and pour them onto a platter. Then, take your chocolate coated white puffy thing (the commoners refer to it as a chocolate covered marshmallow) and roll it in the graham cracker powder. Also thanks to the dopey instructor (who can also be referred to as a nit-witted dumbsicle) we lost this picture as well. However, the finish product should be this;

We hope that you enjoyed this sarcastic commentary as well as this symbol of American spirit, othwerwise known as s’mores on a pole. See ya whenevs